Woman holding jaw in pain


October 18, 2016

If you have an infected tooth in which most of the supporting bone and tooth structure remains intact, it can probably be saved even if the infection has spread to the pulp or nerve of the tooth.  This can be accomplished through root canal therapy.

In this procedure, the pulp of the tooth is removed and the root canal sterilized.  It is then filled with a material to replace the lost pulp.  This is usually gutta-percha, a rubber-like substance that remains relatively inert, which is cemented into the root canal.

After the root canal has been filled, the final step is to repair the opening in the crown of the tooth.  The choice of restoration material will depend on the amount of tooth structure remaining as well as the tooth’s position in your mouth.  Root canal therapy is more expensive than tooth extraction.  However, it is worth it to save any of your natural teeth.  An artificial tooth will never be as good, effective or useful as a natural tooth.  If you have the option, go for it.

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