August 31, 2018

               Did you ever think of tooth decay as being an occupational hazard?  Well, it is, at least indirectly.  Certain types of dental decay, especially those occurring on the neck of the teeth (cervical decay) are frequently associated with occupations involving constant and direct contact with the public. Salespeople, secretaries, and bank clerks, to give just a few examples, need to talk to their customers from a distance of only a foot or two.  Concerned about stale or unpleasant breath, many of these people make almost constant use of chewing gum, fruit drops, or candy mints as breath sweeteners.  Dental decay is then almost inevitable.  In other types of occupations, people will have a soft drink close by and sip on it frequently throughout the day.  This is also a common cause of decay.

               These habits should be avoided strenuously. Sugarless gum and drops can help, or try sipping water instead.  Also, look for chewing gum or mints containing Xylitol as their sweetening agent. Xylitol can be beneficial in preventing tooth decay. Keeping a toothbrush handy for use after lunch and coffee break should also do the trick.  Remember: your breath doesn’t have to be minty to be acceptable.

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